How to delete my Yahoo! account or profile?

Deletion: easy

Direct removal link

Information about Yahoo! account or profile removal

Use the link above to delete your Yahoo! account. All associated Yahoo! accounts and services will be deleted as well (for instance, your Yahoo! email, your Flickr account if you have one and so on). So be careful with what you are doing :)

If you just want to delete your Flickr account, please follow this link to delete my Flickr account.

If you want to proceed anyway in deleting all your Yahoo! account, follow the link above (you need to log in first). All your data will be deleted.

What about undeleting my Yahoo! account or profile?

Once your Yahoo! account has been deleted, there's no way to get back your data, and your Yahoo! user name is available for someone else.
Last update on Thursday, March 6, 2014

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