How to delete my OLX account or profile?

Web site:
Deletion: medium

Information about OLX account or profile removal

There's no direct link to delete your OLX account. You need to contact them.

To do that, login on OLX with you account, and click on "Contact OLX" at the bottom left of the site. You'll have the contact form. Select "Support Team" in the dropdown list (default value), enter your information (name and email) and what you want. For instance: "Delete my account" as a subject and "Hello, could you please delete my account on OLX? Thanks in advance" as a message.

You will receive an email, asking to confirm your action, and asking for your username and your email address. Just answer the email with the required information and they will perform the deletion of your account.
Last update on Thursday, January 10, 2013