How to delete my Chemistry account or profile?

Deletion: unable

Direct removal link

Information about Chemistry account or profile removal

On this website, you can't delete definitively your account, you can just deactivate it.

Use the link above to close your Chemistry account. If the link doesn't work anymore, just click on the "account" menu in your profile menu once you are logged in (upper right menu, the one under your profile picture), then go to the "Resign membership & remove profile" section. You'll be prompted with your password to confirm your access then click "continue". Click on the "Cancel Membership" link and you'll be asked for a reason: check one of the reason and then click "continue". In this last screen, you need to uncheck the checkbox "Send me email invitations for events, such as Free Communication Weekend." at the bottom of the screen, to be sure not to receive anymore emails, and then click the "continue" button.

That's it, you finally have the confirmation screen saying your profile has been cancelled!

But be carefull: your account is not fully deleted. People won't see you anymore on the website, you won't receive anymore email (except a last email to confirm your account cancellation), but you can still reactivate your account. It means your account is not fully deleted.

What about undeleting my Chemistry account or profile?

Once your Chemistry account has been deleted, you can still reactivate it. After cancelling your account, you will receive an email to confirm the cancellation, with a link inside to reactivate your account.
Last update on Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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