How to delete my Ashley Madison account or profile?

Deletion: easy

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Information about Ashley Madison account or profile removal

Before starting, we have to say this website is a shame when talking about account deletion: you can remove definitively all your data, but you have to pay for that! Here is the process...

Use the link above to close definitively your Ashley Madison account. If the link doesn't work anymore, you need to login on the website and then click on the "Manage Profile" menu. In the next page, you'll get a menu on your left to manage your different information. Click on the "Delete Profile" link, the last link in the menu. You reach the page to delete your profile.

In this page, you have two options: "Full Delete" which deletes completely your profile, but you have to pay for that (!), or "Hide Your Profile" which hides your profile from search. In this case, you won't appear anymore in search result but your information are still accessible. If you choose the second option, you'll be prompted with a screen asking a reason why you are leaving (you just need to check one of the options). You have a checkbox to tell them if you want a confirmation email or not. Then just click "Permanently Hide" to hide your Profile.

The choice is yours. Unfortunately, you have to pay to delete all your data :(

What about undeleting my Ashley Madison account or profile?

Depending on your choice when you delete your profile, your data can still be available. If you didn't pay to delete your profile and chose to hide it, then you can restore your profile back.
Last update on Monday, February 24, 2014

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